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If you are suffering from any jaw or facial pain when you wake up in the morning, it may be linked to bruxism, which is a common, yet potentially dangerous oral health condition that often arises while you sleep. If you’re suffering from bruxism, you are likely to grind your teeth while sleeping. Ask yourself if any of the symptoms are present with you to determine if bruxism is affecting you while you sleep:

– Do roommates or loved ones ever complain about you loudly grinding your teeth while you sleep?

– Are there any indications of your teeth that are from damage that has no known cause?

– Do your teeth look flat or worn out, including the deterioration of your tooth enamel?

– Are you experiencing any jaw or facial pain?

– When you wake up doesn’t feel like you’re tired or tight John muscles or any soreness with your doll?

– Are you suffering from frequent headaches when waking up every morning?

– Are there any indications of dental damage while sleeping, such as cheek tissue damage or indentations on your tongue?

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