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When periodontal disease damages your smile and oral health, Dr. [doctor_name] can provide you with regenerative procedures to help you regain a healthy mouth and proper oral function. There are many regenerative dental procedures available, and our dentist will work with you to determine which treatment or combination of treatments will be most effective for you. Call us today at [phone] to set up your appointment and learn more about regenerative dental procedures in [city], [state].

Common regenerative procedures include:

  • Bone regeneration – periodontal disease can cause your bone tissue to deteriorate, making it difficult to place an implant or perform other restorative treatments. Bone grafting treatments help promote bone growth and thicken the jawbone to provide sufficient support for your other treatments.
  • Gum tissue regeneration – gum tissue regeneration usually takes the form of a gum grafting procedure. Gum grafting aims to symmetrically contour your gum line for a more even appearance, and to cover exposed tooth roots.
  • Pocket reduction surgery – pocket reduction surgery reduces the depth of gum pockets and makes it more difficult for harmful bacteria to invade and damage your gum tissue.
  • Scaling and root planing – this procedure removes the plaque and calculus from above and below your gum line, and smooths the tooth root to promote healing and help prevent bacteria from recolonizing.

For more information about regenerative dental procedures and how they help you combat periodontal disease, contact our office today.