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Dr. [doctor_name] may recommend antibiotic treatment as a stand-alone treatment, or in combination with other periodontal treatments (such as scaling and root planing or surgery) to help fight the harmful bacteria in your mouth. We welcome you to call us at [phone] to learn more about periodontal antibiotic treatments in [city], [state], and to schedule your consultation with our skilled dentist.

There are several types of antibiotic treatments available, from oral forms to topical gels applied directly into your periodontal pockets. When you visit our practice, our dentist will determine which type of antibiotic treatment will be most beneficial for you.

Common types of antibiotics include:

  • Tetracycline antibiotics – a type of antibiotic including tetracycline hydrochloride, doxycycline, and minocycline. This antibiotic works to reduce inflammation and block proteins that destroy connective tissues in your mouth.
  • Macrolide antibiotics – a group of antibiotics that effectively reduces inflammation and bacterial growth associated with periodontitis.
  • Metronidazole – an antibiotic usually used in combination with amoxicillin or tetracycline to combat inflammation and bacteria growth in severe or chronic periodontitis.

Topical gels and other direct delivery methods are usually preferred over oral antibiotics, as they do not affect the whole body and are highly effective when used in combination with other treatments. Some of the most common direct delivery antibiotics include Arestin®, Atridox®, Actisite®, PerioChip®, and Elyzol®.

For more information about periodontal antibiotic treatments, and to set up an appointment with our dentist, please call our office today.